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Marbling course with Danielle Lummis

13th September @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Marbling is a technique for creating beautiful abstract patterns. On this workshop Danielle will teach you two techniques to marble on paper; a Japanese and a Turkish style.

Suminagashi is a Japanese style dating from the 12th Century. Translating directly to ‘floating ink’, the marbling process uses a richly pigmented sumi ink floating on water, which is then manipulated into distinctive patterns to then take a print of on rice paper.

Turkish marbling is a technique done using a carrageenan bath and acrylic or gouache paints. Use this to make some contemporary marbled papers taking inspiration from this Turkish marbling technique. A shallow tray is filled with size, water thickened with Irish moss. Acrylic paints are mixed and then dropped onto the size with brushes. Because the water is thickened patterns can be drawn on the surface using tools such as combs and toothpicks. After the design is complete, a sheet of paper is laid onto the size and a beautiful print taken.

Danielle will show you how to mordant the paper with alum as well as showing you various techniques for producing different patterns such as stone, swirl, git-gel and feather.

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