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Tuition OfferedNo

Artist's StatementZoë Armit is a 24-year-old illustrator, animator and activist based in Cambridge, UK and Ålesund, Norway. The majority of her work is dedicated to the understanding of and advocation for animals and animal rights. Using combinations of paint, pencils, irony and digital media, Zoë draws attention to the astonishing beauty and ability of the natural world, simultaneously commenting on the crudity of those who threaten it. She has recently received a 1:1 in her BA degree in animation, creating a hard-hitting animated film detailing the destructive nature of the animal agriculture industry. She is hoping to use the momentum of the film's success to continue campaigning for those not often spoken for, intending that her work will contribute towards more considered moral beliefs and actions from her fellow humans.
Zoë has also created multiple children's books using the same themes of animals and environmental awareness, which will are currently available for purchase.
Commissions are open, feel free to get in contact!

Art StyleIllustrative

Art SubjectsLandscape, Portrait, Animals, Pets, Nature

Art Materialsacrylic, gouache, watercolour, pen, coloured pencil, pencil, paper, canvas

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