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Artist's StatementPictures in clay
Poems in clay

This stuff called clay

There’s something very magical about this stuff that we call clay
discovered quite by chance some think one sunny summer’s day
when down to the nearby river to collect water for a brew
they lined their hand-made baskets with the ’mud’ that was like glue

It stuck to their toes and fingers and dried hard in the still warm air
and harder still when baking bread with their local dark rye flour
minds were quick to realise the potential of this mud
and pots were made for storage, cooking, writing, long before the flood.

Its slow and weathered decomposition from rocks that make our land
the stories and traditions and the skills of many hands
give this clay a history that goes deep into my soul
and I find I’m always happy making a simple small clay bowl.

And now I’m writing stories and poems about things I see or think
and writing in the soft clay is much nicer than in ink
and the clay is fired to a temperature that would turn us into dust
but maybe the words will linger or a fragment of clay might last

I use a rich black earthenware, or a white and Spanish pink
or a mixture of all of them sandwiched with coloured slips
and the layers are like my thinking and the nature of the clay
and the chance compositions reflect the sun or storms that day

Art Materialsearthenware

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