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Artist's StatementTom Gaskell makes contemporary artworks – and tableware and ornaments – out of fused glass sheet, granules, powders and enamels. He mostly illustrates the natural world – especially birds – and incorporates a wide range of vibrant and subtle glass colours and textures in his work which varies from abstract or interpretive through to more realistic representations.

Tom has been privileged to learn from some exceptionally talented glass artists who have taught, inspired and helped him, especially Catherine Dunstan and Amanda Simmons . On a broader artistic basis he has also taken inspiration from the late Bob Ross, through his calm, positive and empowering ‘Joy of Painting’ TV series.

Tom says “I am always keen to experiment and try new things; the engineer in me enjoys the technical challenges of working with new techniques and processes and the artist in me is always exploring new ways of using glass to create different forms and shapes and to capture and interpret the beauty and vibrancy of the natural world.

“I love the interplay of light with translucent, opalescent, iridised and dichroic glass especially when I can melt different glasses and powders together to create new colours and forms. I take inspiration from the world around me - and from the colours, swirls and shapes within the glass itself - to produce fused glass artworks, ornaments, tableware and jewellery.”

Art StyleAbstract, Impressionistic, Representational, Contemporary

Art SubjectsAbstract, Landscape, Seascape, Animals, Nature

Art Materialsglass, enamel, wire, driftwood

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