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Artist's Statement

Loving what is left.

I love what is left of the Black Fens.

I love the fecund, untamed life that subverts this industrial-agricultural landscape: a geometry
of farmland with long plough lines, intersecting ditches and an ever-present horizon.

I love the wildness which populates drainage ditches. I love and celebrate, what is left, surviving,
and thriving.

The Fens call on my imagination, and help me to love what is left of my own existence, transcending what has gone before.

I see in moments. I paint slowly as I reach back to glimpses of something beautiful or essential. My subjects call now
for bright underpaintings. They demand intense colours and texture, and I slap and scratch into the surface of paint to
reveal what is underneath. I work in water-based oil, acrylic and watercolour.

Visits to my studio are welcome by appointment on Saturday mornings.

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