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Artist's Statement2024 will be the last year that I will be showing my work from Cambridge Artworks. I am moving my studio home to Ely and you will be able to find me there in 2025! There will be bargains to be bought this summer before my move!
My current work deals with the issues of climate change. Writing on my sculptures and often using Crossed Letters. At the beginning of the postal system people would write in one direction then turn the paper and write across their words (crossed letters) in order to save paper and postage. I have continued to turn my work until you can only read the occasional word. Many of my recent works include quotes from famous people about climate change.... it seems appropriate when some of the world doesn't listen to the advice on limiting global warming that you cannot easily read these quotes!
During the lockdowns I worked at home on a series of small ceramic sculptures. These small pieces fit in your hand and are intended to be touched and enjoyed. They have been fired at Cambridge Artworks.
I love the process of making bronze - making work in the same way that artists have worked for thousands of years!I have a fascination with process and the road that a new artwork takes towards completion. My bronze sculptures show a flash of a face, drawn with a zig zag of metal.
I view my paintings as sculptures on the wall. Strong gestures give the depth and vigour of mark making to my paintings. I begin with pigment and oil, grinding the pigment with the oil before adding wax and setting into the blocks that are used to make these highly textured pieces.

Art StyleContemporary

Art SubjectsFigurative

Art Materialsoils, canvas, earthenware

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