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After learning the basics in colour and form at London’s City and Guilds – a long time ago – I drifted away from visual art and into millinery. Over the last few years, I’ve restarted my practice as a painter, returning to oils to continue where I left off all those years ago. I’ve always been fascinated by the materiality of the paint; its capacity to describe form through texture, and how it can be used to explore shapes and light. I care deeply about colour, and find great satisfaction in pushing my knowledge as a colourist in more formal contexts, through still-life studies of objects that catch my interest. I collect ideas and inspiration in sketchbooks, making plein air drawings and using watercolour to indicate colour-forms I return to later on canvas in the studio. I sell my work annually, in the Cambridge Open Studio, and it’s also available directly. You can contact me on or visit my Instagram where I share more of my work and process.

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