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Artist's Statement

With maturity comes retrospection.

Images of my forebears gently forming tiny beads into intricate patterns by the light of flickering candles shimmering off their work, with these daydreams Reflective Moments was born.

The tranquil scene is very different in reality.

Those tiny glass beads have only one raison de etre and that is to jump, slide and roll as far away from your seeking needle as possible. After escaping they sit clinking to one another in joy as they gently waddle around in tiny inaccessible crevices.

The trials of a Beadsmith taming beads into complex designs are multitudinous. My collection are testimony to great battles won.

I design pieces by recalling a staggering image of visual beatuy. Inspiration comes from varied and diverse places; the sunlight reflecting off freshly fallen snow, rippling streams over granite moors or fiery Victorian forged blacksmith work forming delicate tracery.

These inspirations are born of Reflective Moments with the hope of creating more memories in your hands.

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