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Tuition OfferedYes

Artist's StatementKelly Briggs is a visionary artist who strives to offer a new outlook on our human existence. She operates at the crossroads of art and science, constantly captivated by the mechanics of the world on both a micro and macro level. With a keen eye for detail, Kelly examines the intricate workings of cellular activity under a microscope, while simultaneously exploring the vast expanses of space to better comprehend our place in the universe. Her unique approach to blending art and science allows her to convey complex concepts in a visually striking manner, prompting viewers to consider their place in the world in a new light.

Kelly's talent has recently been recognised by a variety of prestigious institutions, including the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, global biopharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca, the renowned contemporary art gallery Kettle's Yard, and the iconic Kew Gardens. Her collaborations with these influential organizations have allowed her to push the boundaries of art and science, and convey complex concepts in a visually striking and thought-provoking manner.

Art StyleImpressionistic

Art SubjectsAbstract

Art Materialsoils

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