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Artist's StatementFrom an early age, I was always captivated by the outdoors. I enjoyed fishing, cycling, camping, and hiking. These connections with the natural world steered me towards my passion for landscape photography.

I started taking photos at the age of 11 and really valued the discipline of film and getting it right in camera. Even now taking digital images I still value each frame.

Much of my photography is based in and around Cambridge, but I also enjoy exploring the wilder and more remote parts of the UK. Being at the top of a mountain at dawn or witnessing a spectacular sunset on a remote beach and capturing the interplay of light on the landscape in a fleeting moment is truly magical.

I always try to capture authenticity in my photographs with minimal post processing. By emphasizing the raw and unaltered essence in my photos I strive to evoke a sense of realness and sincerity.

Art StyleContemporary, Monochrome

Art SubjectsLandscape, Cityscape, Seascape, Coastal, Nature

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