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Artist's StatementHaving been taught to accurately record experiential encounter, my interest in vision comes via intuitive record - art work. The observable structures underlying the phenomenon of vision implicate a covert processing pathway in the brain delivering implicit spatial awareness. This spatial context underpins the explicit high-resolution dataset associated with central vision. The contextual dataset does not occur to our current instrumentation! We require both systems working in tandem, explicit and implicit, to operate in the environment in the way that we do.

The baseline theory and the notion that certain artwork capture aspects of perceptual structure, establish a new form of illusionary space: Vision-Space. Vision-Space has beed developed into a post production tool (PPT) that automates the transformation of 'pictures', that conform to just optical projection, to 'images' that reflect important aspects of perceptual structure and how we perceive the world.

Reality is a relationship we form with the real and the underlying mechanics inform with respect to what's involved in us being objective. Instrumentation merely records what its design criteria permits. Vital aspects of our experiential relationship are not going to occur to a camera or any of our other data-capture system currently in circulation.

Experiential reality matters! "All knowledge has its origins in perception" Leonardo da Vinci

Art StyleImpressionistic

Art SubjectsLandscape, Portrait, Seascape, Figurative

Art Materialsoils

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