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Commissions AcceptedYes

Tuition OfferedNo

Artist's StatementI make versatile jewellery that is tactile, beautiful to display and above all designed to be worn; the wearer completes its creation as it comes alive with movement. Each unique piece is hand-forged from my own designs.

I make dramatic, contemporary jewellery, often with mobile elements, that explores concepts of negative space involving new techniques such as fold-forming.

Inspiration comes from the shapes and patterns of the natural world and from
the craftsmen of the recent past: Alexander Calder, Art Smith and the Art
Nouveau movement. I am also inspired by the work of ancient goldsmiths from the
excavations in Egypt and Mesopotamia in the British Museum.

I have always been fascinated by the contradictory nature of jewellery: what seems a superficial adornment is what survives to reveal the identity of those who wore it centuries ago. I re-create it to wear now.

Most of my work is commissioned. I love to meet customers to discuss and express their own ideas to create jewels with lasting personal meaning, often for special occasions. I am happy to work to any budget, large or small.

Art StyleContemporary, Traditional, Conceptual

Art Materialssilver, gold, pearls, gem stones

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