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Artist's StatementMy work centres around a fascination with what makes a place seem unique, what defines it and how art can be used to capture this essence of place and how what we think of as a place relates to the space around it. Where are the boundaries? How does the surrounding landscape help to define the feelings that one has about a particular location? How closely can we ‘zoom in’ before the notion of place becomes meaningless, and are there any physical attributes that exist outside the mental picture that we all create when we think of a place?

This notion of place not only encompasses the spatial elements that define location but must also include a recognition of the dimension of time. The very material that builds a place is constantly changing at rates that vary between the moment of observation and the geological time of the earth itself. The intersection point of these time frames becomes a memory that builds with others to create what we think of as a place.

My paintings are therefore a representation of those elements that I feel best represent the feelings and memories that go to create my own experience of being in a place.

Art StyleAbstract, Representational, Contemporary

Art SubjectsAbstract, Landscape, Coastal, Nature

Art Materialsoils, acrylic, charcoal, pen, canvas

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