Helen Foster

MediaPainting, Printmaking

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Commissions AcceptedYes

Tuition OfferedNo

Artist's StatementMy art inspiration is the natural world, but my work has science at its heart. I’m fascinated with the microcosm of the body’s cells to the macro view of land and seascapes even to the heavens. Rarely using a paintbrush, I play with materials loving the experience as much as the outcome. Sometimes I mix paint directly on the canvas, drawing into to change it. Even my friends’ clothes provide inspiration for colours. I love that people see different things in my work and square canvasses mean it’s your choice which way up you like best!

Art StyleAbstract, Impressionistic, Expressionistic, Contemporary

Art SubjectsAbstract, Landscape, Seascape, Nature, Fens

Art Materialsacrylic, watercolour, pastels, ink, paper, canvas

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