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Artist's StatementIf you take a look at Debbie's images on her homepage you may see a baby racoon dog (its eyes reflecting the blue sky), or a gorgeous fuschia in black space, perhaps the face of a leopard breathing inches away from your own, the fleeting glimpse through the falling snow of a British short hair cat or a Cathedral under a deep, yellow sky with a flock of birds overhead. Debbie likes to observe her subjects in detail, usually looking for intricate aspects rather than the whole, yet also trying to make some connection with, for example, the hypnotic eyes of an insect, the luminous colours of butterfly wings or the elaborate details of bosses, vaults and arches. Her images sometimes show the odd facets of an odd world.Visit to view and purchase her work as prints, cards and other gifts. Her cards are also available at Topping & Co Bookshop, Ely and Edinburgh, Twenty pence garden centre in Wilburton.

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