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Artist's StatementAfter a career in mental health I took a degree in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art. I have continued with my artwork and curating as secretary of the Clare Hall Art Committee. I volunteer at Jimmy's Cambridge a charity that provides accommodation and support to homeless people. All proceeds from my artwork go to Jimmy's. I have been painting urban and village scenes for several years through the distortions of ancient glass in old windows. This renders scenes semi abstract and ambiguous and open to personal interpretation.
Each viewer brings their own experiences and imagination to the work. So the works become open to multiple meanings even though there is a strong resonance of the original place. in some I have included people in more intimate crowd scenes.
Recently My friend Jeanette had a photograph in a photographic exhibition. I was inspired by the quality of light through glass at this intimate level and she gave me permission to use her work as a starting point for images of wine and drinking glasses at close quarters. These too have become semi abstract studies of light and refraction.

Art StyleContemporary

Art SubjectsCityscape

Art Materialsoils

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