Sarah de Mas

MediaMixed media / Collage, Painting

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Artist's StatementSarah de Mas

Born and raised in Uruguay I have lived in Mexico, Spain, Zambia and the UK with their varying influences. I took up painting recently and find that the brush, colours and textures are the ones that tell the story. Experience, memory or illusion? Truth and fiction, everyday life and fantasy, there are only porous membranes between them.
I meld acrylic paint, fabric, driftwood, and other materials to see what happens. Abstract compositions arise from play, memory and touch – sometimes it is the tactile element that leads the creative process, or the compulsion to record a memory, or anger and frustration at the state of the world. Inspiration may come from a news item or a single event: a happy day on the beach in East Anglia led to composition of dried wood, hand-spun fine wool symbolising the hot sand and crochet stitches containing shells to reflect the sea; a piece of polished wood found in a road-side stall near the Zambezi River gave rise to an expression of heat, joy and freedom in bright acrylic colour slashed across the wood. The revelation that President Trump would drink up to 12 Diet Cokes a day led to 12 Diet Coke ring-pulls from one of the Tate Modern cafés painted on to a canvas depicting the wanton litter at the bottom of the ocean.
If you, the viewer, like what you see, then we have made contact. And that cannot be a bad thing.

Art StyleAbstract, Contemporary

Art SubjectsAbstract, Imaginary

Art Materialsacrylic, pen, coloured pencil

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