Chris Dommett

MediaCeramics / Pottery, Drawing, Illustration, Jewellery, Lettering / Calligraphy, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Woodwork

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Commissions AcceptedYes

Tuition OfferedYes

Artist's StatementMix, Enthuse, Originate. I Started as a painter and a ceramic artist. All the while a photographer. Studied under Terry Frost, David Hockney and Rita Donagh. I continue all and more disciplines. I travelled and worked abroad picking up skills from many sources. Today, I am more a photographer and draftsman, but teach pottery and woodworking. I have shown a clipped painting as my representation just one style. My drawings fall into many different and often overlapping series including: geometry, landscape, cartoon, diagonals, layers, repetition, colours and texture. My photography follows many threads including wildlife, landscape. the unusual, sequences, architecture, travel, shadowlections etc. I hope everyone will enjoy something that I do. "I am a million different people, from one day to the next" (R. Ashcroft)

Art StyleAbstract, Expressionistic, Contemporary, Illustrative, Monochrome, Cartoon

Art SubjectsAbstract, Landscape, Cityscape, Seascape, Coastal, Animals, Nature, Architecture, Imaginary

Art Materialsacrylic, watercolour, pastels, charcoal, pen, coloured pencil, ink, pencil, stoneware, silver, paper, canvas, earthenware

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