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Artist's StatementAnnabel Wightman studied Ceramics at The Royal College of Art (2008-2010). Her first art residency was in Jingdezhen, China and since 2020 she was an artist in residence at Marchmont Creative Spaces in Scotland. Her clientele includes private collectors both in England and Scotland. Recently she has opened Wightman Gallery / Studio at Compass Courtyard near Saffron Walden in East Anglia. The Studio space offers pottery throwing and hand building courses.

Her inspiration for her most recent ceramic collection has flowed from her love of walking the Berwickshire Coastline and her curiosity of the marvellous diversity of seaweeds, grasses, kelps and sediments that are hidden under the surface. These intricately crafted series of porcelain coral formations explore the delicate state of the ocean floor. With changes in water quality, loss of biodiversity and the depletion of the sea’s natural store of carbon, corals are increasingly at risk of bleaching. Shockingly, many scientists believe that by 2050 corals will no longer exist.

Ethereal and thought-provoking, Annabel’s surreal yet fantastically lifelike sea creatures mirror the oceanic depths they inhabit.

Art StyleExpressionistic

Art SubjectsNature

Art Materialsporcelain

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