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Artist's StatementI'm drawn inescapably to water and light. My work is a constant quest to try capture the way I feel when in the presence of both. I love to scuba dive and feel enchanted by the experience of being in the blue. Warm water and the array of colours in tropical oceans are what I want to be reminded of. My work become postcards of my memories of these dives, but not necessarily of the things I see directly but of the feelings and dreams they spur in me.

I did my degree in Fine Art at Southampton Institute, my foundation at The University of Hertfordshire and was an associate at Anglia Polytechnic where I focused on printmaking. I spent my teens in Saudi Arabia where I learnt how to scuba dive in the Persian Gulf and have gone to continue to dive ever since. For me there is a strong link between art and the natural world, both stimulate my senses in a way that I would like to repeat.

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