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MediaPainting, Printmaking

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Artist's StatementTravel forms some of my most vivid memories; my work is an exploration of the recollections from these journeys. I work solely from memory (no sketches or snaps) to re-imagine landscapes I’ve walked in.
My techniques are unusual in that I never use a brush to make marks or lines. Paint is poured from jars and manipulated by tipping the canvas. Layers of colour build up to add depth, movement and intensity. I constantly explore and push for new effects to capture the soul and essence of a place without the constraints of style. Each painting is therefore unique and speciHic to a place.
I love everything about painting, the smell, the sheer physical and messiness of it all. Whether the paint is poured, pigment added, sanded off or re-applied, the artistic process is not hidden from the viewer and can be seen under the Hinal surface.
Though tangible, these are abstract landscapes full of drama, nature and event leaving much to the viewer’s imagination.

Art StyleAbstract, Impressionistic, Contemporary

Art SubjectsAbstract, Landscape, Seascape, Coastal, Nature

Art Materialsoils

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