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MediaLettering / Calligraphy

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Commissions AcceptedYes

Tuition OfferedYes

Artist's StatementAlthough the majority of my commissions as a letter carver are of a fairly straight forward nature; opening plaques, headstones, house names and numbers, I always enjoy the element of problem solving which inevitably exists. Often the text required doesn’t fit easily into the space allowed,and sometimes quite a few design possibilities are considered in consultation with the client before an acceptable solution is found. It is perhaps because of the satisfaction I derive from this interaction between letters and form,(where ideally neither is dominant but one informs the other), that, when given complete freedom such as in an exhibition piece, I often find myself choosing a random piece of material from nature, (such as the many pebbles and boulders I carve), and then playing with the text until a happy marriage has been arranged.

Art StyleContemporary, Traditional, Illustrative, Conceptual

Art SubjectsArchitecture

Art Materialsstone

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