Helen Humphreys

MediaCeramics / Pottery, Sculpture

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Commissions AcceptedYes

Tuition OfferedNo

Artist's StatementI make a variety of work which reflects my love of plants and gardens.
My Green men and serene wall pots are made from high fired stoneware clay and are frost resistant.
Some of them are designed for use as containers with plants such as thyme and saxifrage. Ideas come from many sources - local carvings, portraits or photographs and from my imagination.
The faces are individually hand-built and though designs may be repeated, each one is unique. I fire the work to c1280oC in an electric kiln built for me by Northern Kilns.
My plates, dishes, tiles and trivets are decorated with impressed leaves and lettering. I use slips
under the glazes to give a range of natural colours.
I am a Selected Member of Anglian Potters.

Art StyleRepresentational

Art SubjectsNature

Art Materialsstoneware

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