Artwork on canvas in the studio by Laura Pearson-Clark

Magic in the studio and getting “Comfortable with the Uncomfortable”

Last month I was celebrating with the most wonderful group of entrepreneurs after completing an intensive business bootcamp for creatives delivered by Mastered HQ and funded by the department of education.

There is still so much to reflect on, I feel like I’m starting a new business journey. We were pre-warned it wouldn’t be like any other course we’ve been on, plus it came jut at the right time, before full on burn-out took complete hold.

Pamela Roberts’ (producer, historian and life coach) expert mentoring and positive energy brought our creative peer group together (with the help of some finely made cake!) The whole Cambridge cohort were so supportive!

Next up is finishing my new collection of paintings on canvas. It’s been a learning curve as I haven’t painted on canvas for nearly over 15 years. This new collection continues to look up-close at the detailed art forms in nature and the beauty found in the imperfections. It seems I’m also right on trend (according to Elle Decor) with the use of rich dark brown colours along with golds and calming blues. I can’t wait to launch these at my open studio next month!

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