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    Download the 2024 Guide PDF
    Cambridge Open Studios Guide 2024

    Welcome to the July Open Studios online listings. From this page you can view all the details for this year’s participating artists. The dates for this year are 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 and 27-28 of July.

    Click on an artist’s name in the list or on a marker on the map to see more details about that artist’s practice, the weekends they are opening their studio, or exhibiting, and more.

    We have also included a link to the artist’s profile on this website so you can see more of their work and read a little more about them.

    The studio numbers in red correspond with the studio numbers in the printed guide.


    You can use the filters to filter the list of artists by the types of art you are interested in and also the weekends that participant’s studios are open. When you change the filters, the markers on the map will update as will the list of artists to the left of the map (or above if you’re on mobile).

    Using the map

    If using this page on a mobile device, you will find the map and listings a lot easier to use by clicking the [Fullscreen] button at the top right of the screen (next to the Filter buttons). This will make the interactive section full screen and allow you to navigate without distraction. Simply click [Unfix] to return to the normal page view.

    On the map itself, you will see two buttons, one labelled [Reset] and one labelled [Where am I?].

    Tapping [Reset] will reset the zoom level of the map and recenter it. Clicking on [Where am I?] will zoom in to your current location on the map (if you allow us to access your location). This will help you find nearby studios when you’re out and about!

    Have fun visiting our artists this year!

    Art trails

    Download PDF art trails from across the county, curated by COS artists and designed to take you on a tour of the artists working in each area.

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