Back in The Cage with my new series ‘A Hard Rain..’

Climate emergency art inspired by the need for climate action ‘A Hard Rain’ Series is all about extreme weather especially storms.

Still landscapes and wildlife from the fens, brecks and elsewhere but the palette of climate extremes might bleed in.. especially in relation to wildfires & floods

So definitely still Fenscape but focusing on Swaffham Prior locations but as you are more frequently going to find it.. soaked with extreme rainfall and occasionally flooded out by an extreme storm..

I’m exhibiting in The Cage, Swaffham Prior  – Venue 145 on weekends 3 & 4 (20th & 21st and 27th & 28th July)

Inspiration from the record year of 2023 and the direction of travel into 2024. Colour palette based on the extreme rainfall scale (beyond all the blues!)

Very much a lens on extreme weather and the climate emergency. A witness and advocacy for climate action and climate emergency art



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