Art in a ‘Cage’ – exploring the darker corners of the fens..

I’m exhibiting at ‘The Cage’ which is the ‘Pound and Keep’ on Cage Hill, in Swaffham Prior which in July will be venue 142 as part of Cambridge Open Studios July 2023.

This current selection of work – some new some older but not exhibited before reflected the looming run up to the pandemic and the enclosed subsequent period. There are some familiar Wicken places but with an ‘Ophelia Fixation’ twist…
Of course there are views of and to Swaffham Prior and other memorable observations of birds, other wildlife and habitats along the way, especially Scottish seascapes.

The Cage is the Listed Pound walled enclosure surrounding the Keep which is a quirky building that was the village lock-up but now has no function. I have borrowed it temporarily from the Parish Council.
Come and see inside, the two cells are tiny and definitely not a place to be locked up in overnight!!
The art has taken a slightly darker feel to reflect the venue..

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